What You Need to Know to Deploy an E-Commerce Solution in Your Business Environment

We’ve all heard it before, “We need a new e-commerce platform. Now!” Whether it’s coming from brand marketers or business owners, everyone is interested in “new” and they all want it “now”. With more people shopping online than ever, it’s necessary that your e-commerce platform is as customer friendly, scalable, dynamic, and mobile-friendly as possible.

When it comes to updating e-commerce platforms, quick, cheap fixes are common. While they may be effective right now, they are nearly impossible to maintain, and even more unlikely to carry you into the future. An investment in quality e-commerce solutions will address your evolving online business challenges as they arise, and maximize the return on your investment.

Make the Switch

In a dynamic retail environment-where new consumer shopping expectations, new technologies, and new channels emerge every other day-many businesses are struggling to meet demand with their legacy e-commerce platforms. The good news, is that a legacy solution can be replaced through re platforming.

While doable, the process of re platforming is no easy task (so don’t try this at home). Re platforming requires moving applications, content, and integration with back-end systems. This is best done with a Magento e-commerce solutions partner who has the required skills, past performance, and integration experience.

Partnering Up

  1. So how do you choose the right solutions partner? To help narrow the field, ask yourself these questions:
  2. Do you want a long-term partnership or project-specific help?
  3. Do you want a partner who can provide insight and advice on the selection and implementation processes?
  4. Do you want a partner with only e-commerce skills, or one with a broad set of competencies?
  5. Will the partner be required to help you integrate the new platform into your existing ecosystem?

Your answers will help you understand your specific needs, and find a solutions provider who specializes in those areas.

Choosing the Right Platform

Here are key things to consider when choosing an e-commerce platform:

  • Can the platform scale as my business grows?
  • Will the platform provide a safe, secure, and gratifying shopping experience to my customers?
  • Is the platform compatible with all mobile devices?
  • How does rising consumer demand impact the platform’s stability, speed, and overall performance?

The platform you select should meet all of your requirements. For example, a Magento e-commerce platform can easily accommodate a wide range of initiatives, and boasts a low deployment costs, quick time-to-market, and high performance increases.

Make it Successful

A successful replatforming project can lead to multi-channel growth and future-proof an online business against constantly changing consumer demand trends. With so much at stake, it’s important to get it done right. Make a list of requirements for your e-commerce solution and present it to your potential solution partners. It might take a bit of research, but the legwork will be well worth it when your partner delivers exactly what you wanted, and your business needed.

So, before starting your next e-commerce project, consider all of the factors required to make it successful. Replatforming may be a big part of your strategy, and you’ll want to make sure you have all the right tools-and people-in place when you get going.

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